Couple/Church/Organization Registration Options

The base price for the PFP course is $89.00 per couple.

1) 20% Discount

Every church/organization that registers with Preparing For Partnership qualifies for unlimited 20% discount coupons to be used by their members. Church registration is free.

2) 50 to 100% Discounts

A church/organization that registers as a supporting church agrees to support Family Fortress Ministries at a minimum of $50 per month. In appreciation for the monthly support, each year they will receive four 100% discount coupons for each increment of $50 support/month that is donated to Family Fortress Ministries. For example:

  • $50/month = 4 -100% coupons per year
  • $100/month = 8 -100% coupons per year
  • $200/month = 16 -100% coupons per year

In addition, a supporting church qualifies for unlimited 50% discount coupons. Registering as a supporting church/organization is handled as a reoccurring payment through Pay Pal.

Note: Your monthly support enables Family Fortress Ministries to help provide this course as a free outreach to missionaries and to our military. Your support also helps Family Fortress Ministries to more effectively minister to hurting families both in the USA and internationally.