Couple FAQ

C1: How do I access Part B of the financial lesson?

Go to your couple dashboard . The lessons that you have completed are listed. If you have completed part A, part B will be listed as "not started." Click on part B and you will be directed to part B of the lesson. Please note that access to Part B is restricted until both partners have completed Part A.

C2: I Cannot find my emails?

If you cannot find your emails, they were probably sent to your spam or junk folder. Check these folders for the missing email. If you still cannot find the missing email, then notify us at You need to set your inbox to receive emails from Please note that the Preparing for Partnership Admin cannot recover lost emails as they are confidential and the Preparing for Partnership Administrator does not receive copies of them.

C3: I cannot get my promo code to work.

If you cannot get your promo code to work, please try the following:

  1. Make sure the coupon promo code is left justified.
  2. Insure that there are no blank spaces behind the coupon promo code.
  3. If you are typing the coupon code into the promo code box, make sure that your "O"s and "0"s (zeros) are correct.

If you still cannot get the coupon code to work, please email us at and we will help you resolve the problem.

C4: Why does it show that I have not taken the Finance lesson, when I have actually already taken all or part of it?

PFP added a new lesson (Lesson Six) on August 4. As a result, Finances Part(s) A, B, and C were reset for anyone who had previously taken any part of this lesson. We apologize if you had already taken the Finance lesson (or part of it) and it was reset. Please proceed to take the new lesson (Lesson Six), then you can speedily retake the Finance lesson by clicking through the lesson (not re-reading the text, but only answering the questions as you previously answered them) then clicking "finish".  We pray that you will be greatly blessed with the new lesson on physical companionship that was added.