Church Counseling Administrator FAQ

FAQ1: When should I start using the PFP course with an engaged couple?

Answer: We encourage you to direct the engaged couple to go through the course as soon as possible. Beginning the course at least 4-6 months prior to the wedding date allows a couple to process the information without the stress of a deadline and also allows them the needed time to read resources that may be suggested in the course. If the program warns you or the couple of potential problems or issues of concern, you as a counselor will need the extra time to address the issues and ensure that the couple has read and applied the specific books that deal with the area of concern.

FAQ2: How can I review the actual teaching material, questions and video content in the course? 

Answer: Preview lessons directly from your church dashboard:

  1. Login using your email and password.  You will be directed to the church dashboard
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on “Test Male User” to view lessons as a male student (named Tom) or click on “Test Female User” to view lessons as Tom’s fiancée (Mary).
  4. Click on “Lesson” then on “go to lesson.” You can progress through all the lesson content, videos, questions, etc that an enrolled student would go through.  Note that you will not receive the associated emails that are normally generated for the students or counselors.
  5. When you complete a lesson and your answers are displayed for review, remember to click on “Finish”.  This allows you to advance to the next lesson. The lessons must be taken in order.
  6. The financial lesson is divided into 3 parts.  To advance to part b or part c of the financial lesson, click on that part when it is listed on Tom or Mary’s dashboard.

There is an option to reset the lessons so that you can retake them and vary your answers to the questions if you desire.

Also, there is a PDF of all of the course content (including teaching text, videos, and questions) that can be accessed from your church dashboard. 


FAQ3: Is there an overview of the lesson content?

Answer: Look at the very top of the home page and you will see a drop down link named "Additional Info". Click on this link and a link to see the Course Content will appear as an option.   


FAQ4: How will I be alerted to problems in the relationship?

Answer: After both persons of the engaged couple have taken a lesson and clicked "Finished", the course will automatically generate a "Counselor Email Analysis" that will give you a general overview of what was covered in that lesson. The report will also list any major alerts that you need to be aware of and possibly discuss with the couple. If resources are suggested to the couple, they will be listed so that you can encourage the couple to love each other enough to read the suggested resources and take positive steps to resolve their issues before marriage. If their report contains no alerts, then no major issues were flagged by the answers that the couple submitted for that lesson. Of course the accuracy of the analysis is based on the honesty the couple reveals in responding to the questions for that lesson.


FAQ5: I am not receiving my Counseling Admin emails. Where are they?

If you cannot find your counseling admin emails, they were probably sent to your spam or junk folder. Check these folders for the missing email. If you still cannot find the missing email, then notify us at [email protected] You need to set your inbox to receive emails from [email protected] Please note that the Preparing for Partnership Admin cannot recover lost emails as they are confidential and the Preparing for Partnership Administrator does not receive copies of them.