About us

Family Fortress Ministries challenges people to honestly examine their current relationships with God and family members by explaining God's Word through family conferences, preaching, teaching materials and a website. The ministry consistently applies the fact that Jesus Christ is the foundation of the home and that families should take heed how they build upon that foundation.

The messages reach for the heart to create a thirst for God's presence in the home and a willingness to surrender to His control. The results are practical steps to bond families together in God's love and stability. The ministry was founded by evangelist Sam Wood and his wife Debbie in 1993.

Sam and Debbie have conducted hundreds of marriage and parenting conferences in churches all across the United States and in six foreign nations. Their book “What is Marriage” was published in 2004 and has been used as a Biblical guide by both churches and couples to help strengthen marriages.

Preparing for Partnership is the result of a strong burden to prepare engaged couples by establishing a solid Biblical foundation before they say “I do.”

Doctrinal Statement