Couple FAQ

1) When registering, I cannot find my church to connect to. What do I do?

If you do not see your church listed when you search for it, it means that your church is not registered with Preparing for Partnership. Talk to your pastor or counselor and have them register your church. Once registered the church will appear when you search for it.

2) I am not receiving my emails? Where are they?

If you cannot find your emails, they were probably sent to your spam or junk folder. Check these folders for the missing email. If you still cannot find the missing email, then notify us at [email protected] You need to set your inbox to receive emails from [email protected] Please note that the Preparing for Partnership Admin cannot recover lost emails as they are confidential and the Preparing for Partnership Administrator does not receive copies of them.

3) How do I access Part B of the financial lesson?

Go to your couple dashboard . The lessons that you have completed are listed. If you have completed part A, part B will be listed as "not started." Click on part B and you will be directed to part B of the lesson. Please note that access to Part B is restricted until both partners have completed Part A.