Couple Recommendations

Tristan and I used this tool to help us get ready for marriage and everything that means. It is easy to use - lessons all done online at your own pace with all results sent to a proctor (of your choice) who can review your individual answers and point out areas where further discussion may be needed. This program was thorough and thought-provoking. It recommend books which I found to be fresh and helpful (e.g. "What Did You Expect?"). The books and the lessons themselves fostered discussions between Tristan and I that were really important. It does take some time, but the benefit of real time and effort spent on making your marriage something that will last is more than worth it. To my friends who are engaged or close to being engaged, check it out. We're certainly glad we did. (Oh, and as a bonus, we got to be friends with Sam and Debbie Wood, too.)                                                                                                                                                     Tristan & Anna Harmon

Conner and I finished the first lesson last night, and I just wanted to drop you a quick note about it. I think you know this, but I was engaged for a year while I was in college. I ended up calling it off a month before the wedding because it wasn't until that late that I finally opened my heart to the Lord and honestly evaluated the relationship.  My first engagement was an "I'm in Bible college, and this is what girls do" engagement. My parents were okay with it but not really excited.

As I was doing the lesson last night, I couldn't help but think that I wish that I had done your counseling program when I was engaged the first time. I might have saved my parents and me the trouble of paying for a wedding that wasn't going to happen. The questions in the lesson were exactly the questions that the Lord impressed on me that caused me to end my first relationship. I loved when Mrs. Debbie said "it's never too late" to back out, and I loved that you asked specifically "have you prayed about whether this marriage is what the Lord wants?" No one ever said those things to me (not even our Christian marriage counselor in any of the six sessions), and it was purely the Lord's mercy and grace which gave me the courage to stop the wedding and reroute my plans. 

Conner was in a relationship similar to mine in college, and his ended almost like mine. We both said how helpful it would have been to have had someone like you speaking truth like you do in the PFP program.

We also said what a joy it was to zip through last night's questions knowing that we both really have thought and prayed earnestly with our parents about this relationship. Such peace, and as your lesson reminded us, such a difference when it's right. 

Thanks for pouring your lives into this ministry. I've only done one lesson, but I can tell that you've put together something really important. I'm already planning on suggesting it to a couple of my friends from law school who are considering marriage.

Anonymous Comment from a Young Lady after Finishing Lesson One

The Preparing For Partnership online pre-marital training is one of the most innovative and fresh ways to prepare for a life long committed marriage.  With so little focus being placed on "sticking it out" in marriage these days, it was refreshing and challenging to recognize the seriousness God places on the marriage covenant.  Your online course was so thorough that we found ourselves learning a lot more about each other and our expectations heading into our marriage.  The lessons covered every important aspect of our marriage that we had already talked about, yet gave us new ways to view those ideas.  It also brought up some topics that we really had never discussed, and did so in a very interactive way through the use of pictures and videos that helped make the learning experience captivating.  We would highly recommend your program to any engaged couple, and we already have. Thank you both for giving of yourselves to help make the lives of so many couples better, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Your ministry is absolutely vital in our world today! Your ministry truly lives up to its name!  "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3

Bryan & Bethany


We found your online premarital counseling very effective both spiritually and relationally. We loved the interactive component and the short passages that got straight to the point. The biblical references were very irresistible and very relevant to our spiritual journey.The suggestions were very helpful from the financial resource to writing to my father in law. The supplemental readings were very helpful plus readily available.We appreciate the quick feedback from the assessments.Thank you Sam for your innovative online premarital counseling. You have given my wife and I the most amazing tools needed for a covenant marriage which we are reaping God's blessings. May God continue to give you and your wife the strength and inspiration to reach folks like me and my wife that were ignorant to the knowledge you have imparted to us.                                                                                        

Headley and Rominlla


We were able to do counseling with family fortress after our engagement online in a very easy way. After Stephen and I were engaged we were able to do our lessons separate online and than talk about it over the phone. It was very easy and convenient. The biblical content was extremely helpful in understanding marriage in many ways. I was able to understand the importance of a wife in the houses d Stephen was able to understand the importance of a man in the house. Receiving the individual email was also helpful because we were able to know what we needed to work on and why.

Stephen & Adriana


When couples first start talking about marriage, their world is filled with the "new love" sensation.  We all know how wonderful this feeling is, but if we're not careful, these emotions can blind us to the absolute truth of what God wants for us, and what steps we need to take to ensure that our marriages and families have the strength to stand up to the forces that tear more then half of marriages apart.  The PFP course, asks the tough questions that need to be asked, while also providing new couples with advice that is paramount to protecting their marriages and their families.  I would recommend this course to any couple planning on getting married.    

Joshua & Brianna Waldecker

This course helped us be able to understand the true meaning of marriage, as God desires it. It was very convenient for us to be able to work on our lessons when it was individually convenient and then come together to discuss what we learned. The course helped us to better understand one another as well as our roles in our future marriage. We learned to appreciate each other more as a result of the course. It helped us start our marriage with a new and improved perspective about our marriage and what God desires from it. 

Frank & Hilary